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Management Consultant Income

Posted by in Consulting Fees, Start Consulting

I see many people enter the World of management consulting with quite unrealistic expectations of potential incomes.  OK, I was very lucky when I started out, but 95% of ‘new’ consultants have a tough time at first. The typical scenario goes like this.  The ‘would be’ consultant has decades of experience in their chosen field.  They then lose their job in...

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Charging for Consulting – Share of Savings

Posted by in Consulting Fees, Sales

One the hardest things to work out and understand when you first start consulting is how to charge for your services.  I’ll try to cover this in more detail later showing the various charging approaches.  But for now I’d like to mention charging based on a share of the savings. Quite simply what this means, is that rather than charge...

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Business Consulting – Protection

Posted by in Finance and Insurance

Would you drive a car without having it insured? Or would you own a house without having insurance for the building?     It’s no different when you start your own consulting business. One of the things that new consultants will often overlook, is the necessary insurances that they have to have in place. Depending on which country, region or...

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Business Consulting – The Client from Hell

Posted by in Consulting Clients

One of the hardest lessons to learn in business, is that not all business is good business. And that applies through to a consulting business as well. A lesson that you need to learn very early on with your own consulting business, is to recognize when a client potentially turns into the client from hell. It’s quite common in the early stages of...

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Business Consulting – What does it take?

Posted by in Start Consulting

I’ve been Consulting since 1994, so that’s almost 20 years. And over those years, I’ve seen a lot of people who thought that business consulting and starting their own consulting business was a very attractive career option for them. But very few of those people actually understand what it takes to be: A. a really good business consultant and B. What...

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