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Who is Rob O’Byrne?
Rob, migrated from the UK in 1993 to Australia and joined a well known consulting firm in Sydney.  In 1997, he ‘broke out’ on his own to start the Logistics Bureau, which has now grown to a group of 5 companies.  3 of these are management consulting companies. He now enjoys teaching and mentoring, as well as overseeing the various businesses in the group.


What is Consulting Business School?
Well, it’s actually a site about starting your own management consulting business.  It’s where Rob shares tips with those who might be thinking of starting their own business, or already have and are struggling a bit. 

But Rob runs a Consulting Business focused on Supply Chain and Logistics ?

Yes, and you may work in a different professional field.  But the tips that Rob shares are not related to a specific field of expertise.  They are relevant to any management consulting business.


Where Can I Learn More?
Rob is considering has started a YouTube Channel on this topic. He already has 2 other channels focused on Supply Chain and on Small Business Outsourcing Support :

Consulting Business School:

Supply Chain Secrets

Small Business Support:


Online Training Program for Consultants?

He’s also thinking of developing some online training programs and live training for those thinking about starting their own consulting business. Would these be of interest?  Any feedback is appreciated.


  1. Gabriel Diaz

    Hey, I would like to give feedback on the idea of online training programs.
    That would be incredible. And very much needed. There’s a lot of training programs out there for beginners but not really for people with established small consulting companies looking to scale.
    In our case, we went into business in 2020 and we are blowing up, but it’s getting painful to scale. We lack the knowledge on how to build the operational infrastructure to accommodate more than a couple dozen clients, let alone hundreds of clients.
    Rob has a track record on having already successfully built that infrastructure on the scale that we would like to do. And there’s next to 0 people out there who’ve already gotten there who are making business courses, most of them are get rich quick scams for beginners. Please make courses on how to scale operations and notoriety. Even better would be if C.B.S. went into consulting to help other consulting companies build their operational structure. Love your youtube content, thanks.

    • Rob O'Byrne

      I’m thinking of starting an online training program. It was always my intention.
      But I don’t want to become a full time ‘consultant to consultants’.
      I operate 5 businesses already, 2 of which are consulting businesses and I just don’t have the time.

      Also, I know there are other training programs out there, some very well known and ‘looking’ successful.

      But I don’t want to become a coach, who loses touch with the real World of consulting.

      If I do provide an online training program, it will be as a full time consultant, who is sharing knowledge.
      Not a knowledge shared, who doesn’t even run a consulting business.
      And No, I don’t consider coaching to be a consulting business.

      A consulting business deals with a broad range of client types, industries and business problems.
      A coaching program, delivers………a program.

      Hope that makes sense.


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