Who is Rob O’Byrne?
Rob, migrated from the UK in 1993 to Australia and joined a well known consulting firm in Sydney.  In 1997, he ‘broke out’ on his own to start the Logistics Bureau, which has now grown to a group of 6 companies.  He now enjoys teaching and mentoring, as well as overseeing the various businesses in the group.

What is Consulting Business School?
Well, it’s actually a site about starting your own mangement consulting business.  It’s where Rob shares tips with those who might be thinking of starting their own business, or already have and are struggling a bit.

But Rob runs a Consulting Business focussed on Supply Chain and Logistics ?

Yes, and you may work in a different professional field.  But the tips that Rob shares are not related to a specific field of expertise.  They are relevant to any management consulting business.

Where Can I Learn More?
Rob has actually established an online learning program to teach people how to start and grow their own consulting business.  So if you really are serious about ‘going it alone’ you might want to take a look here.  www.beaconsultantsecrets.com