Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Rob O’Byrne?
Rob, migrated from the UK in 1993 to Australia and joined a well known consulting firm in Sydney.  In 1997, he ‘broke out’ on his own to start the Logistics Bureau, which has now grown to a group of 5 companies.  3 of these are management consulting companies. He now enjoys teaching and mentoring, as well as overseeing the various businesses in the group.

What is Consulting Business School?
Well, it’s actually a site about starting your own mangement consulting business.  It’s where Rob shares tips with those who might be thinking of starting their own business, or already have and are struggling a bit.

But Rob runs a Consulting Business focused on Supply Chain and Logistics ?

Yes, and you may work in a different professional field.  But the tips that Rob shares are not related to a specific field of expertise.  They are relevant to any management consulting business.

Where Can I Learn More?
Rob is considering starting a YouTube Channel on this topic. He already has 2 channels focused on Supply Chain and on Small Business Outsourcing Support :

He’s also thinking of developing some online training programs and live training for those thinking about starting their own consulting business. Would these be of interest?  Any feedback is appreciated.

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