It can be a Tough Transition to Consulting


For those coming from a corporate role into starting their own consulting business, the lack of a regular and consistent income can be a major hurdle!

Gone are the days of the regular paycheck.  You’re now the boss.

You might be starting off on your own doing all the key tasks such as:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Accounts
  5. Administration

Most people starting their own consulting business do all these things themselves and of course, you are reliant on your own efforts in sales, to drive the level and consistency of your income.

So what are the key things you need to consider?

  1. However busy you are delivering services, always, always maintain some effort on sales and marketing.
  2. In the early days particularly, manage your cash carefully.  If you have a good month, put cash aside for the bad months.

What’s that saying?


Be careful what you wish for!


Working for yourself is great in terms of ‘running your own show’ and having so much freedom.  But many stress out and fail due to the lack of a regular paycheck in the early days.

Be sure that starting your own consulting business is really what you want, and that you have the stamina and emotional strength to cope.