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So You Want to be a Consultant

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But Do You Have What it Takes? No, I don’t mean that in an arrogant, pompous kind of way.  Let me illustrate what I mean. Every week I get emails and LinkedIn messages from people that I know or whom somebody has referred to me—and the message goes something like this… “I have decided to get out of corporate life and thought maybe I could drop in for a...

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What’s Your Why?

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So maybe you are thinking of starting a consulting business? I started my first one in 1997.  And I wish I had seen this video.  Because before starting any business you really need to understand your Why! Simon Sinek explains it way better than I ever could…....

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Business Tips from a Very Long Walk

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No.  I didn’t spend 6 weeks walking, thinking about work! I couldn’t…… wife Pat was with me! But I promised my team, that on the last day I would record some videos about lessons that would apply to Business.  So here they are…   Rob’s Business Tips from the Camino – Episode 1   Episode 2: Achieving...

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