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Your Consulting Business Website Name

Posted by in Marketing, New Businesses

Yes, you need a website!  Why?  Because that’s how 30-40% of your clients will find you! If you picked a really cool consulting business name, then picking a name for your website is easy.  It should be the same…. Don’t make it hard for people to find you…. Don’t make starting your business harder than it needs to be …...

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What to call your Consulting Business

Posted by in New Businesses, Start Consulting

There are some great names out there for Consulting Businesses, and some really bad ones. If you are a Top 5 Global business you can get away with rather obscure business names.  For a start up, you can’t. Perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make with your new consulting business, is picking a name for it! So in my view, the name...

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Do you really want to be a consultant?

Posted by in Start Consulting

Consulting is not an easy career.  Particularly if you want to start and run your own consulting business. Are you sure you want to start consulting?  Or maybe what you have in mind is more like contracting?  Many of the people I meet who say they are independent consultants, are really contracting not consulting.  And hey, that’s fine.  But...

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To be a Consultant you need to like Helping People

Posted by in Start Consulting

OK, this might sound a bit obvious.  But consulting in my mind at least, is 95% a ‘people’ business.  But some consultants just don’t get it.     Over the years I’ve seen so many consultants, in large firms and small, who are really just technicians.  Technical specialists who build and analyse things for the client.  But...

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