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The Psychology of Business Consulting

Posted by in Marketing, Sales, Tips on Consultng

  I recently had a conversation with an acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a psychotherapist. Don’t be concerned—I’m not in need of therapy yet. The conversation was purely social and centered on some of the parallels between his line of work and mine. In reflecting on that conversation, it occurred to me just how much time business consultants...

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How will Consulting Clients react to you?

Posted by in Consulting Clients, Sales

A tale of two Ladies … Here’s an interesting lesson in selling consulting services that happened to me today. You see, whilst I own and manage a number of consulting businesses, I also hire consultants to help me.  Often. It’s a ‘no brainer’ really.  One of the key lessons I learned in business is to recognise when you...

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When Consulting Clients Say NO

Posted by in Sales, Start Consulting

When your consulting clients say No to your proposals, it’s easy to beat yourself up over it.  What did you do wrong? Don’t they like you?  It can get really personal … if you let it. I love this blog post from Seth Godin.  I think it puts the whole thing in perspective and emphasises the need for really good relationships with your...

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Tendering – A Necessary Evil?

Posted by in Consulting Clients, Sales

Particularly when you start out consulting on your own, there is a tendency to grab at any work that you can.  Quite understandable; as you do need to put food on the table. But the hardest lesson to learn I think; is that not all business is good business. Where possible I avoid responding to tenders.  Why?  Well the short hand version is this. Tendering...

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