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Consulting Buzzwords to Beware of: Workstream

Posted by in Tips on Consultng

The more you become indoctrinated into the world of business and management consulting, the more you will find yourself incorporating jargon into your communication—it’s inevitable, but not necessarily beneficial.   If you are able to remain one of the rare independent consultants who can stick to layman’s terms and phrases throughout your...

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How To Create a Killer Consulting Case Study

Posted by in Start Consulting

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know how strongly I advocate the need for marketing skills if you want to be a successful independent consultant. That doesn’t just mean you need to sell your brand well; you also need to know and utilise a range of effective marketing tools and techniques, one of which is the consulting case...

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A Tax and Accounting Mini-guide for New Independent Consultants

Posted by in Finance and Insurance, Start Consulting, Tips on Consultng

Taking care of tax and accounting is a necessary evil once you’ve launched your business as an independent consultant. The first thing you will need to do is let the tax office know that you are in business. From then on, you will need to keep your accounts in order and of course, make sure you pay the taxes for which you’re liable.  ...

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How to Safely Guarantee Your Consulting Services

Posted by in Tips on Consultng

  It goes without saying that just about any product you buy will come with some degree of guarantee as to its quality. The same is also true of most services.   But how can you possibly guarantee your consulting services, when your clients’ outcomes depend as much upon their own part in the relationship as on yours?   The role of a...

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