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Consulting over Christmas

Posted by in Tips on Consultng

In my part of the World, Australia, things really slow down over the Christmas Holiday.  For about 6 weeks.  People take their summer holidays.  And I’m sure if you don’t celebrate Christmas in your part of the World, you have similar long periods of ‘down-time’. Customers are away, you can’t maintain your sales and marketing...

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Impacting Lives Globally

Posted by in Charity Work

Impacting Lives Together – Around the World If you know the Logistics Bureau Group (my business) or me personally, then you’ll know how we integrate giving into our everyday business activities via Buy One Give One (B1G1). A lot of people have been asking me, how they can get personally involved in our giving program.  Well, I’ve selected...

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How will Consulting Clients react to you?

Posted by in Consulting Clients, Sales

A tale of two Ladies … Here’s an interesting lesson in selling consulting services that happened to me today. You see, whilst I own and manage a number of consulting businesses, I also hire consultants to help me.  Often. It’s a ‘no brainer’ really.  One of the key lessons I learned in business is to recognise when you...

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