OK. Do I Need Consulting Experience to start my own Consulting Business?

One way to get experience in consulting is to first join a consulting firm, to ‘learn the trade’. 

And that can certainly help.  I did that for 2 years before I started my own consulting business.

But to be honest, if I had the information that is shared on this website, I would not have needed to waste those 2 years.  Because a lot of what I learned ‘on the job’ was not the best way to do things, and I have spent the last 14+ years working out better ways to look after clients and grow my consulting businesses.

So I guess my answer is No. 

If you have the ‘technical’ knowledge in your chosen field, it’s not hard to learn about consulting. 

And in fact all the knowledge you need, is right here on this website!

Just login to the form on the home page for access.

Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
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