I raised this question with an online group recently. What IS the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?

You see most of the people in the group are Coaches. But I see myself as a Consultant, not a Coach. And that got us talking.

What do yo think the difference is?

It’s clearer in my mind now, but here were some of the suggestions.

A coach helps in defining and refining the clients intended results. Then designs a plan, and engages appropriate processes to affect higher awareness and move them forward, holding them accountable for the work to be done. A coach doesn’t necessarily need to be an expert in the particular field, though it is helpful.  

A consultant is by definition an expert in their particular field. The intended result is usually brought to the table, so there is less discovery process. It is usually “you want this, these are your resources, this is your timeline, so do this”. 

The biggest difference is accountability. 

I like that one!

How about this?

A Consultant does the work for their client (is a specialist in the clients field/industry) (dependant on the Consultant) and A Coach provides the tools and guidance to empower the client to do it themselves so they can learn to do it themselves. 

or this…

A Coach possesses specific coaching competencies (gained through relevant training) whereas a Consultant is a broader term describing someone who offers their professional services in various capacities.

I’m definitely a Consultant! Which one are you?

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