Almost, Yes.

Anyone with specific knowledge or skills that clients would value can start consulting.  The tricky bit is knowing how to manage a consulting business. 

I think we should assume that you have the ‘technical’ knowledge and experience that clients will value.

Where most people struggle is actual consulting skills.  I see so many people launch into consulting, usually toward the end of their careers and then fail.  It’s not because they don’t have the technical skills and knowledge, it’s because they don’t have the consulting and business skills.  just because you were a great XYZ Manager, does not mean you will make a great XYZ Consultant.

It’s rather like the difference between a great hairdresser and a salon owner.  Both require different skills.

How to set and manage your business plans, how to effectively market your services, how to sell your services, how to manage the client relationship and so on.  This is the knowledge that is so hard to find and learn.  And this is precisely the knowledge we provide on this website. 

Not technical knowledge but business knowledge.  The ‘business’ of consulting.

I hope you find our tips useful.

Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne
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