You’ve taken the leap and launched your long-dreamed-about independent consultancy. Due to your reputation and flair for business, clients are knocking on your door. But you find yourself overwhelmed by the endless small tasks associated with running your startup. Where do you turn to for help?


Never Fear, Help is Near for Your Independent Consulting Startup



It’s known as plate-spinning. That awful moment when reality gate-crashes your dream and you find that you are doing everything associated with running a small business—all on your own!

In your rush to handle tasks such as accounting, answering emails, writing blogs, marketing your business, keeping files updated, and maintaining your website, you may find that you don’t have enough time to give your clients the attention they need—and are paying for.



We have all been there. Some, unfortunately, have remained there but others of us have managed to find ways to escape the sinking sand.



Some Possible Solutions for Resourcing Challenges

Take heart—there are ways and means to overcome your startup resource challenges.


Why Not Start With Your Family?



As I have suggested in an earlier article about involving family in your business, why not make it a family affair and employ your loved ones as personal assistants? Assign them tasks such as proof-reading and editing documents, replying to emails, filing, and updating the website. Be sure to pay them for those services.


Seek Advice from Other Independent Consultants



You are not the first consultant struggling to keep head above water, nor will you be the last one. Many others have been in the same situation and are willing to give free advice on how they managed to overcome the obstacles.

I have written scores of blogs and articles covering a vast array of topics linked to management consulting, both on this site and as part of my Consulting Business School enterprise.

They are jam-packed with hints and practical guides designed to help independent consultants navigate a way through the profession’s choppy waters.



Hire a Virtual Assistant

Family members, unless they possess the necessary skills, are unlikely to be able to handle more complex tasks such as accounting, web building, or business administration.

And the advice given by other consultants will generally relate to how to make sure you don’t overstretch yourself when it comes to taking on clients, or how to curb your ambitions until you are ready to expand the business.



What you really need is a professional helping hand, and this is where an offshore virtual assistant could prove to be your saviour.


Finding a virtual assistant is not difficult. A trawl through freelancing sites like Upwork will show that there are hundreds of VAs looking for clients. Many of them are based in the Philippines, have a fluent command of spoken and written English, and work for very affordable fees.

Another way is to make contact with a virtual assistant company. This route removes a lot of the uncertainty that comes with hiring a freelancer, as a VA company’s role is to find an assistant with skills and experience that match your needs.



A VA Could be the Making of You

Find yourself a virtual assistant sooner rather than later. Learn how to make her or him part of your business team. This will allow you to focus on marketing your new business and keeping your clients happy.


And the bonus: It will allow you to spend more time with your family.


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