This is another question I get asked a lot.  And most people don’t appreciate that the two are quite different.

In very simple terms, let me explain it this way.

A Contractor, is basically just like an employee.  A hired hand to do a specific job or task.  It’s just that the contractor is not on the ‘pay roll’ of the client’s business, but might operate their own company or be hired via an agency.

The contractor would normally be paid on the basis of a daily or hourly ‘rate’.

The client still needs to ‘manage’ the contractor.

A Consultant, is a specialist in a certain field of work.  They are hired not as temporary employees, but to deliver a specific outcome to the client.  A marketing plan, a warehouse design, to draft a contract or what ever the requirement might be.

The consultant is expected to manage themself and deliver a specific outcome, on time and on budget.  They are generally, though not always, paid on the basis of a fixed fee for a specific outcome.   It is the consultant that determines the best way to get the work completed, based on their knowledge and experience.

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