I get asked this a lot.  What is Consulting?  And it’s a fair question.  For those who have always worked in a corporate or government job, it can seem a bit unclear. 

A consultant is basically selling their expertise and knowledge. They are helping their client  ‘fast track’ through a particular problem for example and the client is willing to exchange money to have the problem solved, whatever that might be.

The consultant is usually able to add value to their clients because they have specific expertise in the required field, generally built up over many years of experience with many different clients.

So, for example, I was asked the other day by a potential client in the Healthcare sector, “have you solved this issue for other companies” and “have you helped other companies in our industry with this problem specifically”?

The answer was Yes and Yes.  We have solved this specific problem for most companies in your sector………..  So the potential client felt comfortable that we could ‘fast track’ a solution for them.

That’s really the value that management consultants bring to their clients.

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Rob O’Byrne
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